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How to kill herpes?

People often ask me how to kill herpes. Killing the herpes virus is actually pretty simple. Place it in contact with a detergent, like soap or just dry air for long enough and there you have it, a dead herpes … Continue reading

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Lysine as a Herpes Treatment: Is it worth it?

When seeking out information about treating herpes lysine is surely to come up as an option. Let us take a look at this controversial treatment and weigh the pros and cons. We will define what lysine is and how it … Continue reading

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Herpes and Pregnancy: can I have kids with herpes?

Can Herpes and pregnancy coexist? Many people are reluctant to talk about the disease, even to health care professionals. Suffers express they sometimes feel embarrassed about their disease. The perceived stigma associated with having a sexually transmitted disease can result … Continue reading

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