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The Paleo Diet and Herpes

Lose Weight and Stop Herpes at the same time! I recently listened to an interesting podcast about the negative impact of wheat on your health. That’s where I first heard that the paleo diet seemed to stop herpes recurrences. That … Continue reading

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Herpes and Your Relationship: What herpes can do to your love life and what it can tell you about your partner

I don’t call myself a relationship counsellor, but when it comes to herpes I think I know a few things about herpes and relationships. I had two relationships after discovering I had herpes. The first ended in divorce. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Constant Herpes Outbreaks: Why You Keep Having Them and How to Get Rid of Them Once and For All?

I found that constant herpes outbreaks were the number one frustration for people with herpes when I conducted a small survey on one of my websites. I know how each and every one of them feels and remembered when I … Continue reading

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Vitamin C for Herpes: Learn How to Use Vitamin C to Abort Outbreaks and Heal Blisters Faster

Learning how to use vitamin C for herpes is another valuable tip you can employ to greatly reduce the pain and length of your outbreaks, if not abort them, for just a few pennies. Can vitamin C cure herpes symptoms … Continue reading

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Herpes Itching Relief: Stop Herpes Itchiness Fast & Easy From Home for Just a Few Cents

I know that most people feel that herpes itching is one of the worst external symptoms of the virus. If you have had the sensation of wanting to scratch your skin so much that you no longer care about the … Continue reading

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Herpes, Women and Hormones: Don’t let your hormones curse you with constant outbreaks!

What women with herpes need to know if they have frequent outbreaks before or during menstruation or at menopause Women often report to me that they are more prone to herpes flare-ups in the week prior to and during menstruation. … Continue reading

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Is It Genital Herpes? Very Mild Herpes Symptoms? Yeast or just a Rash? Understand the Difference Now!

I get asked this question a lot ” Is it genital herpes?”. I don’t just get asked it by people who don’t know they have it but also by people who have already been diagnosed and especially from people who … Continue reading

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Herpes Transmission and Suppressive Therapy: Why it Fails at Protecting Your Partner and What You Can Do

A recent study has tried to explain why suppressive therapy only cut herpes transmission risks by half. Suppressive therapy is the term used to describe taking herpes drugs like acyclovir or valacyclovir (also known as Zovirax and Valtrex) daily. This … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean By “Cure Herpes”?

This is a reply to a question posted on my new herpes questions and answer plugin. My reply was so long that I decided to turn it into an article and place it here. What Do You Mean By “Cure … Continue reading

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How to Have a Herpes Outbreak Free Christmas and New Year?

It’s no secret, the holiday season is often a major cause of unhealthy eating, excess alcohol consumption and good old-fashioned stress. This is the perfect combination to invite back our old friend, Mr. Herpes Outbreak. So if you really don’t … Continue reading

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