Constant Herpes Outbreaks: Why You Keep Having Them and How to Get Rid of Them Once and For All?

I found that constant herpes outbreaks were the number one frustration for people with herpes when I conducted a small survey on one of my websites.

I know how each and every one of them feels and remembered when I had herpes and the shame and social stigma associated with herpes. I felt weak, powerless, at the mercy of this darn virus and I cursed the world and myself for having it. I remember feeling very alone at those times. I was so desperate I could cry. At the time, my herpes symptoms were very painful and covered quite a large area. Each time I feared I was getting an outbreak, I would switch to frantic mode. What would my husband say? Would he get angry at me? (Not a great husband. We’ve divorced since then.) Things have changed a lot now. I can proudly say that I don’t have any outbreaks any more. I never get rejected for having herpes. I even told a couple of friends and of course my sexual partner and there were OK with it. I’m very fortunate to live in Europe where the media are just not as crazy as in the United States, at least not when it comes to herpes. It seems that doctors are much more concerned about hepatitis B and C and other potentially lethal diseases like HIV. I have never seen a media campain about herpes. Yet, when I was in constant herpes outbreak mode I did not need a media campain to keep herpes on my radar. I felt really bad. All the information I could get on herpes just looked really alarming. I felt trapped. Then something just snapped inside me and I said to myself “no more freaking B.S.”. Maybe they can’t find a cure for herpes, a decent herpes vaccine or anything patentable that will make them lots of money, but I’m not going to settle for what the pharmaceutical companies and doctors have to offer. If there is something I’ve learned over time it’s that I could get relief for many ailments without a single one of their drugs, so I started digging and that led to my first book, Herpes Wise, and now this great Herpes Antidote program I’m so proud of.

My first success was to reduce outbreak time to less than 5 to 7 days using essential oils to limit the severity and duration of my constant outbreaks. I would also use them to heal the sores much faster so that I would get back to normal skin in just a few days. I soon understood that topical treatment was not enough and that if I wanted to get rid of my constant outbreaks I would have to treat herpes internally as well. Today, I still have a few people who write to me who expect to get rid of herpes outbreaks permanently just by using a topical treatment. I tell them “That’s not possible”, unless they are very mild. If your outbreaks tend to be painful even without blisters, you need to treat herpes both internally and externally. If you don’t, you put yourself at risk of getting blisters.

Once blisters have appeared you have lost the game, because in 90% of cases herpes blisters will turn into herpes sores. Herpes sores take the longest to heal. I remember a couple of times when I totally aborted the herpes infection at blister stage and I went from blisters back to normal skin without ever getting any sores, but that’s much harder to do. I started looking at internal herpes remedies, but I must say I failed a few times and many did not bring me enough relief.

Then everything changed for me. I created a formula that simply worked each and every time. I went from constant outbreaks to no outbreaks in about six months.

If you’re reading this, I think you probably suffer from constant herpes outbreaks yourself. In that case, I want to be totally honest with you: to me herpes is 80% psychological and 20% physical. What I mean by this is that yes, remedies do work, and menopause or PMS or foods like chocolate can make it harder for you to control herpes, but if you are constantly obsessing about herpes, you will tend to get herpes outbreaks more often no matter what you do . Now you may be thinking “Well, I know that and that’s not helping”, so let me share a great tip with you. It’s one of several great tips I give in my Herpes Antidote. Here it is. Learn everything you can about EFT or emotional freedom technique. I love it so much I have become a practitioner myself. This will help you deal with stress, sleep deprivation and herpes symptoms like never before, especially if your constant herpes outbreaks cause you to obsess about herpes all the time.

Here is a great video to help you go to sleep:

If you are interested in an EFT phone session just let me know by using this contact form.
I charge £85/ hour

The first thing you must do to get out of the constant herpes outbreak loop is to get free of the stress associated with it. The second thing you must do is figure out how you can stop outbreaks and prevent them and focus on any progress you’re making. You will get results much faster if you try to remain positive about your “herpes recovery”. I witness that each and every time I give private support to my clients.

That’s why I tell people who are in constant outbreak mode that they can take a herpes drug for a few months if they must, but alongside my antidote. You must do anything you can to get your mind off herpes. I just think EFT is very effective in dealing with the emotional aspect of herpes and can help you eliminate all the emotional causes of constant herpes outbreaks like depression, obsession and overwhelming anxiety in just a few minutes per day. From what I’ve seen, my antidote works in almost 96% of cases but it may take some time for the most severe cases. The maximum I have witnessed was 8 months, but what a difference after that! Most people usually see progress within a couple of weeks, if not days .

I recommend you use all the remedies in Herpes Antidote along with EFT. Starting with taking an all natural based vitamin and mineral supplement and extra vitamin C, especially in times of stress or fatigue. Constant outbreaks can soon be a thing of the past but you have to start today.


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