Herpes Itching Relief: Stop Herpes Itchiness Fast & Easy From Home for Just a Few Cents

I know that most people feel that herpes itching is one of the worst external symptoms of the virus. If you have had the sensation of wanting to scratch your skin so much that you no longer care about the consequences, you will be happy to read that there are some solutions available. I have spoken to people who can barely sleep or wake up in the middle of the night because of the urge to scratch their blisters. It is a really frustrating and potentially embarrassing situation for people who get rashes and itching during herpes outbreaks.

Scratching is about the worst thing you can do when a bout of herpes itching occurs. However tempting it may be, the danger of infecting the sores or leaving scars is far worse. Also, scratching sores or rashes and causing bleeding is certainly going to take longer to heal, so you will only be prolonging the outbreak. For people with newly-acquired herpes, there is some good news: the blisters, rashes and itchiness only occur during an outbreak. You can continue with a normal life the rest of the time.

The other good news is that there are some remedies which offer relief from the sensation of itching. Taking a bath with Epsom salts twice a day will do wonders to relieve herpes itching. It is very important to dry the affected area gently but thoroughly afterwards. Don’t forget to change towels and clothing, too.

Another solution to bring relief from pain is to apply ice to the blisters or sores. The ice has the effect of numbing the area, so the sense of itchiness is lessened and so is the pain.

I have heard from readers who find Gold Bond medicated body powder effective in reducing itchiness.
Gold Bond powder also comes in an extra strength version with menthol in it. Mint essential oil has been proven to numb herpes pain and I used it with great success many years ago. It relieves the stinging feeling but not the itching. I’m a bit concerned the extra strength formula may be too strong once you have reached sore stage depending on where your outbreak is located, so I would offer a word of warning.

The main ingredient in regular Gold Bond powder is zinc oxide. I have heard similar positive reports about other creams and powders containing zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is well-known for its healing properties when used on the skin, so other products containing zinc oxide may well help prevent herpes itching and soothe the pain of blisters and sores. If you’re not located in the US or can’t find Gold Bond powder near you, you may want to try a very neutral baby powder whose main active ingredient is zinc oxide for similar results. Zinc sulfate creams and powder may work the same way or slightly better. Both are likely to reduce the duration of your herpes outbreaks.

Another helpful solution is to apply a small amount of tea tree essential oil 3 or 4 times a day to a painful herpes rash or blisters. Again this has a soothing effect, but don’t use it for more than 4 days in a row. It’s only helpful if you start using it at the beginning of an outbreak. Tea tree oil becomes ineffective against herpes 24 hours after infection. Several other essential oils provide herpes itching and pain relief. I actually provide an exact formula to treat herpes outbreaks which is great for alleviating all herpes symptoms, pain, rashes and itchiness. You can read more about it here.

Aside from treating the symptoms, it is also important to avoid wearing synthetic fabrics which prevent the skin from breathing and to use cotton underwear. In general, it is better to wear loose clothing during an outbreak to avoid aggravating the symptoms. Tight clothes which cause perspiration will only make matters worse

Sexual activity should be totally off the menu up until your outbreak has fully healed. You will be more at risk of contaminating your partner and spreading herpes during an outbreak. In any case, the friction only makes the itching and the pain worse.

Don’t despair when herpes itching makes you feel like you are going mad. Remedies do exist that can relieve herpes itching and also cut short outbreaks. Use all the remedies and recommendations mentioned above. If this is not enough, I strongly suggest you try my Herpes Antidote program. It contains numerous life-saving tips to prevent itching, stop scratching and to abort an outbreak of herpes in just a few hours.

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4 Responses to Herpes Itching Relief: Stop Herpes Itchiness Fast & Easy From Home for Just a Few Cents

  1. SALEH says:

    Have you heard about ozone therapy for herpes ?

    • LW says:

      Comment: I heard of it, even bought the food grade hydrogen peroxide. The I took it to my doctor, who researched it too, for her profession opinion. The answer was the method was not safe. Therefore, I’m sticking to proactive methods, coupled with antiviral medication.

      • NFOY says:

        I have seen books being promoted saying that hydrogen peroxide was a cure…. I don’t think it is but I have received a very precise testimonial from someone who claimed to have become asymptomatic because of it. He was also following most of the other things I recommend so I’m not sure whether that testimonial has any validity… It’s not safe long-term that’s for sure. I have never used it internally except for a mouth wash and I don’t plan to do so either. I don’t use any antiviral medication. But that’s my personal choice. It did very little for me during crises and I hate taking medicine long-term in general.

  2. NFOY says:

    As this is a question rather than a comment I have placed my reply in the herpes Q&A section of this blog. Hope you like it.

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