How to Have a Herpes Outbreak Free Christmas and New Year?

It’s no secret, the holiday season is often a major cause of unhealthy eating, excess alcohol consumption and good old-fashioned stress. This is the perfect combination to invite back our old friend, Mr. Herpes Outbreak. So if you really don’t want Miss Blister and Mr Sore tagging along with Santa this Christmas, read on.

When you’re under stress, with lots to do and a lot of chocolate, cakes and sweets just asking to be eaten you put yourself at risk of having a major outbreak. Sugar, alcohol and stress all lower your immune system. Chocolate may also be a big herpes trigger. I know it is one of mine, and eating lots of meat will give the herpes virus energy to replicate itself.

So how do you do to go through this Holiday Season smoothly? You prepare. I have always been a strong advocate of taking remedies, no matter which treatment at trigger time. What I mean by that is that you don’t wait for that familiar tingle or rash. You take those herpes remedies when you think you have a strong probability you might have an outbreak. I’m not going to go into more detail here. I give all details in my new program Herpes Antidote. If you apply this basic principle, you are much more likely never to experience any outbreak or to experience something so mild it will be gone in a few hours.

Here are some of the things I recommend you do. Drink a lot of water – not fruit juice, tea or coffee – plain water. Take 4g of vitamin C per day in 1g dosage throughout the day until the end of New Year and a few days after that. Take a multi-vitamin supplement daily as well. Try to find one that is not made out of synthetic vitamins. I always think it is best to get a natural based one. If you have lysine at home, take it as if you were having an outbreak. I know, I usually don’t recommend it, but I think lysine is OK in the short-term and I know a lot of you are taking it or have tried it so there is a fair chance you may have some lying on the shelf somewhere. Scientific studies indicate that it works better if used before any herpes symptoms appear. Don’t go out of your way to buy it specially, but if you have it at home take at least 2g a day and double that if you feel the slightest tingle. Stop taking lysine around the 6th of January.

I’m not going to tell you to try and stay calm and get some rest because I’m sure you already know that is what you really should do and I’m equally sure that you probably won’t be able to do that before the end of the season. However, one simple thing you can do is to calm yourself down with this cool little technique.

Put your hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Breathe in to the count of six. Breathe out to the count of six. You can start at a lower number if you’re stressing out. Repeat that a few times. It will calm you down in a very short time.

I wish you a wonderful time, shared fun, love and warmth. If this is not a holiday time for you and your family, you can always go back and read this article when it is.

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6 Responses to How to Have a Herpes Outbreak Free Christmas and New Year?

  1. Tanya says:

    I would love to say thanks for the advice, but ever since I have it
    I have an outbreak a month, and too late for the Christmas one
    It’s huge !! I tried eating well , resting, no coffee , no chocolate
    Still get one a month with period !!

    • NFOY says:

      Hi Tania,

      I can understand your frustration. Changing diet is often not enough. Why don’ t you try some of the other tips I have given here a few days before you usually get an outbreak each month and see how it goes. You may very well experience a significant improvement. It depends on your situation of course but this could be enough to help you have milder or no outbreaks next time.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you Nathalie! After reading your e-book I took myself off L-lysine because I had been having some heart sensations that were alarming. Nothing showed up on EKG but I was convinced something was abnormal. It has improved immensely since I stopped taking lysine, which I would take 1,000 mg 1-2 x per day for weeks at a time. I’m grateful to you for your concern expressed in your book. Lately I have been attending a women’s group on a weekly basis and coincidentally my herpes outbreaks have lessened. I also am learning to reduce stress by preparing for the holidays earlier and I’m happy with the results in our life. In my pantry I have dried lemon balm from my garden, which I make into tea when I feel stressed. My husband and I do a candle ceremony each night with a simple blessing to each other to keep our connection strong. Merry Christmas to you! Suzanne

  3. Liz says:

    Hi Nathalie,
    My last outbreak was October last year, it was the most severe I have ever had where I could barely walk for 2 weeks and followed on from hearing a friend had died from cancer, prior to that i too was getting them with every period. After that last incident I bought the Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps in the liquid form, currently using the tea tree oil blended soap which contains coconut oil. Since this time, even through the very stressful Christmas period I have not had a single outbreak, nor any symptoms. Not sure if Dr Bronner is available everywhere but you can get it online, not sure if it is even the reason the outbreaks have stopped, but it is working for me so I am just going to go with it.
    cheers Liz

  4. NFOY says:

    Thanks for the tip Liz. I’m not sure whether your solution may be strong enough for every one but it’s always good to hear someone else is doing well. Tea tree oil is a really wonderful thing. I would use it a bit differently though.

    Using too much soap may cause local irritation and rashes so use it only once a day in delicate areas or you may end up causing more harm than good.

    What matters is that you had a fun holiday season and if you need some extra support next time, you know you have several options. The power is in you hands not herpes. 🙂

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