How to kill herpes?

People often ask me how to kill herpes. Killing the herpes virus is actually pretty simple. Place it in contact with a detergent, like soap or just dry air for long enough and there you have it, a dead herpes virus.

But I’m willing to bet that t is not what you wanted to read when you reached this page. Why? Because herpes is a virus. It lives inside your cells and even if you wash and wash yourself with soap for hours that doesn’t mean you have eliminated herpes from your skin if you are having an outbreak of herpes infection.

So how about killing herpes inside the body? Would you saturate your cells with a toxic detergent in the hopes of killing that mean sucker that likes to nag you from time to time with a nasty itch and an ugly sore? I know I wouldn’t, the main idea being to kill the virus without killing myself !. As a writer and something of a herpes sufferer’s fairy godmother, I have always warned others about the dangers of trying to kill herpes at the expense of killing themselves or at least drastically harming their health.

One good example is BHT or butylhydroxytoluene (say what?). This strangely named compound is a commonly used as a cosmetic/food preservative. It was promoted in the 80’s as a herpes cure that could kill herpes internally. As such, it seemed a wonderful idea to take BHT internally in heavy doses in the hope of curing herpes once and for all (bye bye sucker) and several people have done just that. Many reported improvement of their symptoms and some total elimination.

So why am I not charging $300 to sell the secret cure that will cure your herpes for life in a fancy looking bottle with just as fancy a remedy name like Solve Herpes? (If some of you believe this to be a private joke. It is. (wink. wink)… Because I actually know that BHT is likely to severely damage your liver and promote cancer at these so-called “therapeutic levels”. In this context, “therapeutic levels” is just a total oxymoron.

So how do you kill herpes? In test tubes! If you want to eradicate herpes in your body without killing yourself maybe you will be interested to learn a formula that is simple and safe and may not eliminate herpes entirely from your body, but from your life. Now you can eliminate herpes symptoms and their consequences naturally; i.e. prevent herpes transmission without killing yourself in the attempt by testing this suppressed, secret, underground, restricted by the FDA and all strangely named governmental agencies, cure that will not only make you sick in your stomach but could cause you to lose a kidney or cause thyroid malfunction.

If you want a solution that not only will help you eliminate herpes symptoms from your life and teach you how I never infected my partner in an almost 9 year relationship read more about my herpes antidote. I do not promise a permanent cure nor tell you that it will kill herpes from your body for ever but I can honestly say without blinking that it will help you turn your life around in such a way that herpes won’t even be a big deal anymore. Furthermore, my program recommends only safe and all natural remedies and does not promote dangerous, untested chemicals that could kill you before they kill herpes.

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  1. Marth says:

    good contribution, refreshing webpage theme, maintain the good work

  2. The good thing about being a man, especially when you care so much to yourself is that you wont allow anything happen to you. Like wearing condoms is the most safest way to prevent herpes viruses, because men are the carrier so to prevent this from spreading to your partner(s) have safe sex for us women prevent this too.
    Thanks for your post.

    • Goz says:

      men are the carrier? Then why did I catch it from a woman!!!! What a stupid comment.

      • NFOY says:

        You are absolutely right Goz!
        Both men and women can carry and transmit the herpes virus. I had skimmed through the previous comment and I had not seen this misinformed remark.
        I understand your frustration. Please try and stay understanding. So many people are confused about this disease.

      • Rica says:

        I know for a fact that herpes can be carried by man or woman. The only way to catch it is if a woman already has it and ther man do oral sex on the woman. There are no cures for it and no way to get tod of it. The virus could start from a woman whom has had multiple sex partners and use of no condoms causing any semen to come together inside of a woman. It can only be passed to a man by oral and also woman w/woman can transfer fluids too.

        • NFOY says:

          Thank you for you comment but herpes is transmitted from skin to skin contact.
          “Genital herpes is spread through sexual or skin-to-skin contact with a person who has genital herpes or during oral sex with someone who has oral herpes (cold sores)” Read more about herpes transmission here.

  3. yesenia espinoza says:

    okay so i woke up today with a tingle down there and i know how emberrassing and disterbing this can be,its weird because i get it every month and im sick and tired of this:( all im asking for is for help and some tips…idk why but i feel like i can trust you!plz help me,i feel like killin myself sometimes,i know kreizy right!just plz wright back and i would love to hear what u have to say……thank you,Sincerley Yesenia:)

  4. Does anyone know of a disinfectant that will kill the spread of herpes? We had a little girl that had herpes but was not diagnosed until today, and we don’t want anyone in the house to get it.

    What kind of cleaners can I use? For carpets, wood floors, baby toys, clothes, blankets, dishes, door knobs, bath tub, ETC.

    What are some other ways to prevent the spread of the oral herpes, to go alone with cleaning?

    • NFOY says:

      The herpes virus cannot survive in a dry environment. I would not worry so much.
      It’s a good idea to wash baby toys and anything she could have brought to her mouth.

      The biggest concern is when the virus stays in a wet environment. Then it can survive
      a bit longer. If she did not have any symptoms when she came to your place, there’s
      also a good chance that you’ll be doing all this for nothing. It’s not because someone
      has herpes that he/she is contagious all the time.

  5. chamilyne says:

    Hi Please give us any idea/advice how we can kill this herpes.What is medicine we can buy, we can drink or we can take. My partner got this stupid sick, but we dont know how. Still we dont have baby and we had lots of plan to do in our lves. We are planning to make baby this year but when we read some other posted message we got scare. Some of them are telling that it will be life time in the body of someone who have this and there’s no any medications can be cure for this. Is this true? Please reply me as soon as possible. We just knew that my partner having this, these few days. When we go to doctor and saw him that he have like a pimple in his penis. The doctor said “MAYBE” it is a herpes. So when we here we got alart and check everything about this. But all we saw is all negative vibes. So just wanna know if this sick can be totally cure? Please wrigt me back. Thank you so much.

  6. xxx says:

    I have had this all of my life. As far as 4 doctors have said there has never been a cure for this. There are some medications to help manage it however, it lives in your body and can come out as shingles, chicken pox, breakout of puss filled pimples, you can spread it to your eye or any other part of you so if you are lucky enough to just have herpes 1 the cold sores and nothing else…do not touch it and then touch another part of you without washing hands.

    • Riri says:

      This is so true and there is no cure for it. Having the symptoms can spread once you touch the area and then touch another open area of your body.

      • NFOY says:

        This is possible but quite rare because you already have developed immunity to the virus. However, the virus can move from one spot to another travelling different nerve paths.

  7. Cece says:

    I have been sufering from herpes syk about three weeks now. Went to get tested at my doctors office & now im awaiting my results. Ive have burning sensations, both around my mouth and vaginal area, along with cold sore bump and breakouts. All other test I had done came back negative. Im really scared I might be infected with herpes.

  8. NFOY says:

    Did you doctor do a swab test or a blood test? A swab test would be best. Did your doctor do a visual examination? Usually medium to severe herpetic symptoms are easy to diagnose.

    If you have herpes. I know it may seem like the end of the World but it really isn’t. I know several married women, mothers who have herpes. Herpes will stop you from having a love life only if you make it to.

  9. Martin Thomas says:

    Im not sure if it works but ive been doing some research on lysine,vitaminc, and zinc. “They say”, smh i hate when someone says that but whatever, they say it cuts the food supply off to the virus and stops it from reproducing. So i figure if it cant eat or reproduce thats a good thing. Im going to start taking the supplements for a couple months and see what happens. I wanna end this by saying i dont believe anything is forever but paying taxes and death.

  10. John Reloaded says:

    Its being said that zinc gluconate 32 mg is able to kill herpes virus if appied for more than a year in order to create a gluconate zinc trap in affected area, you can smash some tablets from this element and then pour some little water and or olive oil ……never apply this paste if experiencing an outbreak. Then When virus comes up as an outbreak finds the zinc trap then it won’t be able to reurn to the nerv ganglia so do this until gives up the ghost. some people had apply it even from 4 to nine times a day without take it off only at bathing time. stop sinnin this will release you chakra too……no sex sins anymore and you will heal

    • NFOY says:

      no sex sins? I wonder what you mean by that.
      Zinc kills herpes in test tubes but I don’t think you can eliminate herpes like this because it leaves an imprint of itself along your nerve paths while travelling towards the skin. On other words, not all herpes virus particles leave the ganglion.
      However, it seems herpes has a memory. It remembers where it was killed many times and tends to either stop returning or move somewhere else.

  11. yhasper says:

    Remedies for Herpes
    Use aloe vera and its healing properties that are excellent for drying and healing of ulcers. Suffice it to apply cotton after the cleanse.
    Lemon is antiseptic and very effective. Ponte lemon drops on blisters several times a day. But it is painful.
    Another remedy for herpes is very affordable hydrogen peroxide. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply 3 times a day. Hydrogen peroxide cleans wounds.
    You can buy in pharmacies or health food stores gentian violet, a very effective healing substance: with a cotton swab apply on the affected area. Gentian violet is a natural antiseptic that dries you herpes.

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