The Paleo Diet and Herpes

Lose Weight and Stop Herpes at the same time!

I recently listened to an interesting podcast about the negative impact of wheat on your health. That’s where I first heard that the paleo diet seemed to stop herpes recurrences. That was intringuing enough to get me doing a little research on the subject and I have found other people reporting the same results.

First, let me tell you that the paleo diet is a very strict diet – even stricter that the one I recommend in my Herpes Antidote program. Eating grains and grain-derived foods like bread, pasta, pastries, sushi, rice and even quinoa is prohibited. Beans, black-eyed peas, red beans, garden peas – in fact all forms of bean except for green beans are prohibited. Sugar, sweetener, candies, pastries, cookies, sodas and dairy products are not allowed either. You’re supposed to eat mostly meat, fish or sea food, vegetables, some fruit and nuts.

To me this is too strict a diet to sustain long-term. It would give me major food cravings and I’m quite slim and healthy. Those people following the paleo diet say that craving for any one food usually stops after 21 days, but I think it could be very hard for most of us to reach the end of that 21 day period. I know EFT (emotional freedom technique) could help me but I’d rather follow the paleo diet 80% and allow myself 20% freedom to choose, so as not to feel too restricted.

I must admit that since listening to that podcast I have decided to drastically cut down on grains and especially whole wheat. The author, who was interviewed is William Davis. He wrote “Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health”. He explained that wheat made your body more permeable to external pathogens. In other words, a virus, bacteria or toxin that could not usually go beyond certain body barriers can penetrate the body more deeply thanks to the consumption of wheat.She also said that wheat curbed the absorption of healthy nutrients and that whole wheat is to wheat what filter cigarettes are to those with no filter. I think that’s a pretty drastic statement, but really interesting, as everyone in the food industry is pushing whole wheat as a health food.

The results for me are that wheat does seem to cause me a lot of trouble in terms of digestion, which also seems to create some form of stress. Wheat and dairy products are almost completely out of my diet except for some occasional ice-cream, and I feel better. Each and every time I eat dairy products or food containing wheat, I feel worse.

The Author also claimed that removing wheat from the diet seemed to cure incurable diseases like diabetes in less than two months. I cannot help but wonder what it does to the immune system and herpes recurrences. If fewer pathogens can enter the body when wheat is removed from the diet, then the body has more resources to defend itself against herpes.

 The Paleo diet and constant herpes outbreaks:

So what if you suffer from constant herpes outbreaks ? Would you be ready to remove wheat, sugar, dairy products and beans from your diet completely ? I think it would be interesting to give it a try.

My only concern about the paleo diet is with meat. I think the paleo diet makes you eat a lot of meat, which usually contains a lot of unhealthy drugs. I tried to look for a paleo diet where you would have to eat meat only three times a week but I couldn’t find one. I hope someone will come up with an alternative where you only need to eat meat a few times a week. I can’t imagine the level of negative impact it would have on our environment if everyone switched to a paleo diet. Producing meat requires a lot of resources, like water, land to produce wheat to feed the cattle…

Also I strongly suggest you only eat unpeeled almonds if you eat any nuts during an outbreak, because they contain very high amounts of arginine. Arginine assists the herpes in its replication. The skin of the almond has been found to have anti-herpetic properties and therefore may be the only nut consumed in moderation during an outbreak

All I can say is that after trying the diet for about four days, I do feel better. My digestive problems seem improved. Like I said, I don’t think I want to go on such a strict diet for ever but I think it would be interesting to test if you are suffering from constant outbreaks.

I recommend something a bit similar in my herpes antidote program to the Paleo diet during herpes outbreaks only. I think having herpes should not require you to have a very strict diet all the time but only when needed. In the case of constant herpes outbreaks, there is usually a problem of extreme and long-term exposure to stress, sleep deprivation, changes in the hormonal balance or some psychological trigger like the departureof a child from the family home, a break-up, a new job or boss or a big shift in self-image.

If like me you try the Paleo diet for about four days and you start feeling better, why not give it a longer trial ? If you only suffer from occasional to somewhat frequent outbreaks the reccomendations in my program should be more than enough. Some people have to stay on the strict diet much longer to experience results though. That’s when you may want to try to go Paleo or just remove wheat and grains entirely from your diet.

One last word, You are unique, regardless of what the Paleo diet protagonists say. You know better than anyone else what feels good for you You are your best guide. A good diet for you should make you feel calmer, remove bloating or digestive problems, give you sufficient energy and reduce the occurrence of herpes outbreaks after three to five weeks. Give the Paleo diet three to five weeks, if you can, to see if it is the right fit for you. Who knows? Maybe the paleo diet and herpes cannot co-exist.

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One Response to The Paleo Diet and Herpes

  1. Rosalie says:

    Hi Nathalie,

    Thanks for your research, love it. I have herpes and it’s driving me insane, always getting outbreaks. I’m scared that I won’t be able to live my life – I love to hike and ride horses and swim. I can’t do these things if outbreaks are always cropping up.

    I do notice that when I have digestive upsets, I seem to also get herpes outbreaks. I seem to be allergic to EVERYTHING – wheat, gluten, grain in general, and legumes are really bad (ironically, dairy, a highly allergenic substance for most people, doesn’t bother me at all…go figure).

    I’ve done the Paleo Diet (well, a variation on it, anyway) in the past to lose weight with great results. Now I’ll see if it helps my outbreaks to disappear.

    Much love.

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