Vitamin C for Herpes: Learn How to Use Vitamin C to Abort Outbreaks and Heal Blisters Faster

Learning how to use vitamin C for herpes is another valuable tip you can employ to greatly reduce the pain and length of your outbreaks, if not abort them, for just a few pennies.

Can vitamin C cure herpes symptoms in three days? Herpes outbreaks usually last up to three weeks, but taking this easily available vitamin could drastically reduce that time.

These days many people think of vitamin C as a ‘supplement of the past’. Didn’t our great grandparents used to take it to combat scurvy? Wasn’t that way back in the days when ships had enormous wind sails?

Well, yes and no. With a good, nutritionally balanced modern diet, most people will achieve an adequate intake of Vitamin C without the need for any supplement. But what about people who are fighting an infection and whose immune system may be compromised?

Vitamin C is known to be one of the body’s greatest natural assets in the fight against disease (not only scurvy) and in the animal kingdom when creatures become sick, their livers and kidneys automatically produce more vitamin C to reinforce the fight against infection. This process, however, does not occur in certain mammals, including primates and humans.

In the 30’s, Dr Isaac Daïnow from Geneva, researched the oral and intravenous use of vitamin C and observed that almost total remission was visible after three days in many cases. In the 1980’s, northern European researchers tried to assess the efficacy of topical vitamin C treatment. They applied a solution of 100mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) dissolved in 3ml of water on herpes lesions for one minute, twice within a 30 minute period They observed that sores healed faster and were less likely to form crusts or become inflamed.

So when you have a herpes outbreak, the vitamin C you have ingested naturally through your diet will get to work in fighting off the infection. The down side of this is that because your liver and kidneys are not naturally producing more, your vitamin C levels are often depleted. And the only way to get those levels back up to fight the good fight is via your diet – or a vitamin C supplement.

Different clinicians have different views about the best ways to supplement your vitamin C levels. I recommend that at the first sign of an outbreak you take 4g of vitamin C. People have told me they have had excellent results with ester-C, but I personally recommend natural or acerola-derived vitamin C only.

Acerola-derived vitamin C does not usually cause the symptoms of nervousness or sleeplessness that artificial vitamin C does. So give it a try.

Next time you feel you are getting a tingling sensation where you are used to getting herpes outbreaks, take 2g of acerola-derived vitamin C. (Please read the label and check for the exact vitamin C content per tablet. 2g of Acerola does not contain 2g of vitamin C.) If you can’t afford it, you can get ascorbic acid powder for a few dollars at your local health store instead. It will still be helpful. I take mine in a glass of water with a dash of apple juice.

After four to six hours, take two more grams. Lower the dose to one gram twice a day after the fourth day and revert to your normal daily dosage after seven days. Please do not take a high dosage of vitamin C long-term without consulting your doctor first.

Used alongside other remedies, Vitamin C makes herpes outbreaks go away really quickly or better still, vanish even before lesions appear. All you will be left with is a vague tingling sensation for a couple of hours. That is it.

Why not try it next time you sense that familiar tingling feeling? Vitamin C alone may not be that helpful but I can guarantee that if you add it to your herpes treatment regimen exactly the way I told you, you should sense some improvement.

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