What Do You Mean By “Cure Herpes”?

This is a reply to a question posted on my new herpes questions and answer plugin. My reply was so long that I decided to turn it into an article and place it here.

What Do You Mean By “Cure Herpes”?

I don’t mean anything. I don’t say that I can help you cure herpes, rather I say that I have found a method to help control herpes to the point where it does not matter whether you have it or not. What I mean by that is that you can live without worrying about experiencing herpes symptoms. I cannot claim that my program removes all transmission risks, but what I can say is that I have never transmitted herpes to anyone in ten years. I have only had two partners during that time but neither of them displayed any herpes symptoms and one took a blood test with a negative result.

Many people ask me whether my program is a herpes cure that will eradicate the virus from the body or that can turn their herpes blood test negative.

No one can tell you with certainty whether the virus is present in your body. What doctors assume is that as herpes has been observed to cause symptoms throughout a lifetime, it never leaves the body. This seems a sensible assumption. However, doctors or scientists cannot prove whether a virus has left a person’s body. What they can determine is whether the virus has been detected in the genital or oral area.

The herpes virus is often detected from tissue samples even when no visible symptoms are present. This is referred to as asymptomatic shedding.

What doctors have found is that even people who have never had a clinical history of herpes shed herpes on a certain number of days. They used PCR (Polymerase chain reaction)  tests which are believed to return extremely reliable positive results. For example, in this study only one person out of 53 who had been diagnosed with herpes through a blood test did not show any form of herpes shedding. In other words, once you have herpes you have a greater than 98% chance of shedding herpes and therefore you have it, whether you have symptoms or not.

PCR tests are quite costly and I don’t think many people could afford to get a PCR test in several locations at the same time every day for a year just to check whether they had got rid of herpes or not. I know I’m not willing to spend that kind of money. That’s why most people rely on blood testing these days.

The most reliable herpes test is the Western blot test. It’s very expensive. That’s why most people rely on more affordable tests even though their level of accuracy may be a little inferior. Some studies have tried to benchmark commercially available herpes blood tests to the Western Blot tests. Some are just much better than others.

After receiving so many emails asking me whether you could cure herpes with my program, I decided to take the test. My test was found to be 98% as sensitive as the Western Blot test from Washington University. I was found equivocal for HSV-2 and negative for HSV-1. Equivocal means uncertain. In other words, despite my formerly extremely painful herpes history, my blood test did not show enough antibodies to make me herpes positive. This has never been my goal. My goal was not to have any pain and not to transmit herpes to anyone else. That is already the case.

This blood test shows me I must be doing something right. I will take another test in a year or so to see whether it is still equivocal. If so, I will try to get a Western blot test, though I’m not sure that is possible in Europe. I won’t be doing this for my own benefit though, just for the people who read me.

Do my results mean you will be getting the same results – and if so when?I know some people love to jump to conclusions. Maybe my result is a significant one and maybe not. Whatever the case, it does not mean you will get the same results. I have been asymptomatic for eight years now, so it might take many years before your herpes blood test is no longer positive. I don’t know.

What I do know is that most people who adhere diligently to my program experience significant improvements in their situation. For some women, it may take weeks before they see results and for others just 24 hours. It seems that menopausal women are the ones who are having the hardest time. If this is you situation, it may not be wise to expect immediate results. Men seem to obtain good results faster.

Whatever your status, my Herpes Antidote  program can help you improve your situation. I will never claim it can cure herpes. I can only talk about my experience and my readers’ experiences. All I know is the kind of results we have seen, i.e. no symptoms and no herpes transmission. I think that is really fantastic.

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8 Responses to What Do You Mean By “Cure Herpes”?

  1. amanda says:

    hi i read the article so what is the antidote what can i do not to get symptoms and dont transmit

  2. d says:

    i know there is no cure anyone who has herpes should know that but i personally think that this is great to even reduce outbreaks and follow your studies it has not fully taken my pain away but that is to be expected with no cure but it has helped me controll it to where i know when i am going to have one and i am more aware of my body…..many things that you post have been of great help to me….the tea has made me alot healthier and i feel more confident in my self and energized i used to feel sad because noone deserves to have this burden but the hope you have given has made it worth my time so thank you for all your hard work its much appreciated on my end…

    • NFOY says:

      Thank you so much d,

      I’m really happy to hear that.

      Yes, herpes can be controlled to the point it no longer is such a burden. I have not transmitted herpes to my two last partners. I know there is still a risk and that I’m probably not cured but it is awesome to feel the progress I have made and my customers and readers are making. It’s all so empowering.
      Like you said it makes you feel energized and confident. Congratulations. You’re doing great!

  3. Santana says:

    I occur itching all day every day. I am miserable. I contracted herpes from my husband. Since then I have been very angry not being able to sleep because of the itching. It is worst at night. Please someone help me with some recommendations please.

    • NFOY says:

      Are you certain the itchiness is herpes related? Sometimes other things come into play and cause itchiness along with herpes. Herpes symptoms usually don’t last longer than 3 weeks.

      Have you tried to release the emotional root cause of these symptoms? Constant symptoms are usually linked to resentment, rage, guilt or shame. I talk about this in my new program because I feel it’s so important it cannot be overlooked.
      Do you think your husband cheated on you or lied to you? This could be an emotional root.

      Please consider, visiting a herpes support group. This could help you accept your new situation better.

      I cannot give you more info in this comment but please be aware there is a lot of things you can do that can help you evolve beyond this current situation.

      Much love,


    • Jackie says:

      I can relate to your problem, Santana. I have had herpes for 14 years with outbreaks every few months. My last series of outbreaks began the end of January of this year and have been more or less constant since then, with only a week or so between. My last outbreak ended a couple weeks ago, but I still have a lot of itching. This has never happened before. My guess is that the nerves have become damaged or are still irritated from the virus, even if it is not presently causing an outbreak. I have been using H-Balm Extreme Strength for the itching, which helps a lot. You have to reapply it every few hours, but at least it gives you some relief. I realize this reply comes several months after your posting and, hopefully, your problem has been solved by now.

  4. tony says:

    I tested postitive for the virus, i was tested because my wife has herpes, i knew this going into our relationship many years ago.. my question is that to my knowledge i have never had an outbreak, and now that i am single again after 13 years how do i know when im broke out so i dont give it to any new partners…

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